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Topic: Business Presentation

For a 1 time fee of just $5.00 our team will show you how and help you earn multiple direct payments of $5.00, $10.00 $50.00, $100.00 and more up to $1,000.00. Using Cashapp, zelle, google pay, skrill and bitcoin

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Dial-in number (US): (605) 475-4716
Access code: 136734#
International dial-in numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/the_global_business_network
Online meeting ID: the_global_business_network

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Q: What type of Business Is The Global Business Network.com
: We're an online network of Entrepreneurs helping other like-minded entrepreneurs create wealth by starting & building new businesses and growing existing business.
Q: What we are selling?
: We are selling ad credits to be used within our advertising network. These credits can be used for advertising methods like Text Ads and Banner Ads. So when you make a sale, the new member will pay you directly via your personal payment processor you have selected. Basically you will receive 100% commission on the membership and ad credits.
Q: Is this a pyramid or gifting, and is it legal?
 Only someone new to the Networking Industry would ask this question, and it is a legitimate question because no one wants to be involved in something illegal. So to answer the question, no this is not a pyramid or cash gifting. In pyramid schemes and gifting programs there are no products involved. People are just moving money around. We offer a legitimate service and a real product, and when you send money to someone or someone sends you money, it is for the "purchase" of a membership and ad credits. Advertising and Software Products are being sold every day online. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is totally legal. TheGlobalBusinessNetwork.com is part of a Direct Sales Company doing business online for over 10 years, and we sell Digital and Software Products well below wholesale prices because we bundle them into Product Packages. The arena we operate in is the Network Marketing Industry, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of companies and Home-Based Businesses in this industry. You just happened to find one of the best because we allow our Resellers to keep 100% of the money from all sales!
Q: How fast can I make money with this business?
 Our system pays Member-To-Member, so how fast you make money is totally up to you. When you make a sale, the purchaser is required to send the Payment directly to you. It can be instant or within 24 hours depending on the method you choose.
Q: What is a member to member payment system?
A: A member-to-member payment system is when you make a sale, the customer will pay you directly using the payment processor of your choice. Basically you will receive 100% commission.
Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! 
Q: Are there any monthly fees or administration costs?
 No. There are never any monthly fees, annual fees or administrative costs.

     Upgrades are paid paid using your profits from the previous levels.
Q: Can I pay with Credit Cards?
 No. You must transfer funds to your payment processors using a credit/debit card or your linked bank account. This is all secured through your financial institutions.

Q: What Payment Processors can I use?
 You can use any of the following: Cash App, QuickPay by Zelle, Skrill, Bitcoins via Bitcoin Wallet, and Chime. We strongly recommend having multiple payment options so you don't lose a sale because you only have 1 payment option available. Ultimately, ANY means of payment is acceptable, as long as it is agreeable to both members of that transaction and you have proof of payment if you choose a payment method not list in the member’s area.
Q: I can't log in, system says invalid username/password... Why?
A: If you are a paid member,
1. confirm you are entering the correct user name and password.
2. Click the forgot your password link and following the instructions.
3. You may need to re-register with your sponsors link again.If you haven’t yet paid to join. Free accounts are automatically deleted after 72 hours. Purchase an Ad Pack to get approved to prevent this from happening.
Q: Do you give refunds?
A: NO!!! Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your Up-lines). We never handle that money - it is paid directly to our members.
Q: How many membership levels does this program have, and what is the Price?
A: Our Program goes 8 Levels deep. The cost of Membership Level 1 is ONLY $5.00 You can buy into the higher levels from your up-line members at any time but only in numerical order. The cost of each level follows:
-Level # 1- $5.00
-Level # 2- $10.00
-Level # 3- $50.00
-Level # 4- $100.00
-Level # 5- $200.00
-Level # 6- $400.00
-Level # 7- $800.00
-Level # 8- $1,000.00
Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: Absolutely Not. You can have only 1 account at a time. There is no reason to have more than one account except to manipulate the system. Anyone found to have more than 1 account will be deleted and banned for life.
Q: VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS!! The system is telling me to pay someone I do not think I should be paying... What do I do?
A: As long as you used the link given to you by the person who referred you, PLEASE Follow the system and pay whoever the system says to pay even if YOU THINK you are to pay someone else...The system sees everything in your matrix above below and beside you, and YOU do not. You do not know if someone upgraded over their sponsor or if someone who you think is on your line 2 or 3 may have upgraded faster than those on your line 1 or 2. Remember, every upgrade is a new matrix because we are paid on different levels.
Q: Can I skip level 1 and order a package 2 or 3?
A: No. You cannot skip levels. The low cost System is giving you great things, which makes it easy to build your net worth. That is what the system is doing. It is allowing you to build an investment with no risk and a fantastic return.

Q: Do I need a domain or web hosting account?
A: No. Your site will appear on http://www.theglobalbusinessnetwork.com/ with your username. You simply promote your referral link to refer new members. But if you wish to have your own domain name you can point it to your referral link.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Payments are made member to member. You will receive 100% commissions. The available payment processors are QuickPay by Zelle, Cash App, Skrill, Chime and Bitcoins via Bitcoin wallets ie: Coinbase.com and Blockchain.com. I strongly recommend having multiple payment option so you don't lose a sale because you only have 1 payment option available. Ultimately, ANY means of payment is acceptable, so long as it is agreeable to both members of the transaction and you have proof of payment if you choose a payment method not listed in the members area. If you need to set up a new payment account, please use the links located at the bottom of this page.
-You are paid directly from your Down Line members to your selected method of payment.
-Your 1st level (DIRECT) referrals pay you for MEMBERSHIP level 1 &5.
-Your 2nd level referrals pay you for MEMBERSHIP level 2 & 6.
-Your 3rd level referrals pay you for MEMBERSHIP level 3 & 7.
-Your 4th level referrals pay you for MEMBERSHIP level 4 & 8.

IMPORTANT! Members can only receive payments up to their current membership levels. For example if you have purchased a package #1 and # 2 only, and someone from your 3rd level referrals decided to buy ad pack #3 (membership level 3) then YOU MISS OUT ON THIS PAYMENT. And they may pay to their direct or indirect Up Line member that has already purchased this package. In other words, the system automatically chooses the very first member from this member's Up Line with a membership level 3 or higher.
Q: Who Pays Who on the different levels?
A: Level 1 you pay your sponsor
    -Level 2 you pay your sponsors - sponsor
    -Level 3 you pay your sponsors - sponsors - sponsor
    -Level 4 you pay your sponsors - sponsors - sponsors - sponsor
    -Level 5 you pay your sponsor
    -Level 6 you pay your sponsors - sponsor
    -Level 7 you pay your sponsors - sponsors - sponsor
    -Level 8 you pay your sponsors - sponsors - sponsors – sponsor
Q: How does the compensation plan work?
A: You are paid on different levels per membership. The compensation plan is as follows:
We have 8 levels of upgradable memberships in a 4x4 forced matrix.

- Membership level Product x Team = Earning
-Membership Level 1 = 4 people send you $5 = $20.00 (You get paid on Level 1)
-Membership Level 2 = 16 people send you $10 = $160.00 (You get paid on Level 2)
-Membership Level 3 = 64 people send you $50 = $3,200.00 (You get paid on Level 3)
-Membership Level 4 = 256 people send you $100 = $25,600.00 (You get paid on Level 4)
Looking at the chart above, membership 1 cost $5.00 When you make a sale, you will earn $5.00 paid directly to you. When you refer 4 people, they will pay you $5.00 each which comes out to a total of $20.00 You then upgrade to membership 2 which cost $10.00. On membership 2, you will get paid up to level 2. **Income Varies depending on the number of people who upgrade.  There are no guarantees on any income level** 
Q: Can I Refer More Than 4 members?
A: Yes! You could invite any number of new members and they will be placed in your matrix. This is what creates the spillover to help your team move quicker. 
Q: How long do I have before I get my account deleted for not upgrading to the first level?
A: Free accounts failing to upgrade are automatically deleted 3 days or 72 hours from the time of registration.

Q: Can I change my details (email, password) after joining?
A: Yes, the Back-Office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your Username.

Q: Can I promote my Referral Link and earn money being a Free Member?
A: NOFree accounts are auto deleted after 72 hours. Purchase an ad pack and be approved to prevent this.

Q: I received an email that says I have received a payment. But when I checked my account I didn't`t find any new transactions. What should I do?
 First of all, check ALL your payment accounts. Sometimes people make mistakes. Let's say they sent you the money via Cash app, but selected "Zelle" by mistake when entering the data on our site. However, some members may send a fake transaction ID without making a payment. In this case you must decline the order in your member area.

Q: I submitted my payment but no one has confirmed yet, what should I do?
A: Please try to communicate with the member you sent the payment to. It is reasonable to allow at least 24-48 hours for them to confirm you in the system. If you are unable to communicate with the member or for some reason days pass with no action being taken, please contact the admin using the contact us form. We’ll need a screen shot of that payment confirmation and we will help resolve the issue for you. Also, we have an auto-approve system just in case admin is not reachable. It will take 5 days after you have submitted your transaction ID for the system to approve you automatically. But we are always around, this shouldn't be a problem.

Q: I declined the order by mistake. What should I do?
A: Login to your account at theglobalbusinessnetwork.com, click "Declined Orders" in the left menu, and confirm the order.

Q: My purchase for the ad pack was pending now it’s gone?
A: Pending purchases that are not approved within 72 hours are auto deleted. Re-purchase the ad pack and contact the person for approval.
Q: I do not understand this business. Can you explain the The Global Business Network.com to me?
A: Please join us on our live conference calls and webinars for live presentations and step by step instructions for setting up accounts and payment processors as well as marketing strategies. The person who invited you to view this website will have details on conference calls and webinars. We are on all the social media platforms listed at the top of this page. Please join using the link below
Q: Does The Global Business Network.com issue tax documents or collect tax info?
A: NO. You are NOT an employee or agent of The Global Business Network.com. You are responsible for maintaining your own records for tax purposes in accordance with your country or state's laws and requirements.
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